Our Mission

Our mission is to enable mental health systems deliver care that empowers people with mental health problems to claim back their meaning in life, their dignity, their health.

Our Vision

  • Good mental health care is not only the exclusive domain of affluent, well resourced health systems.
  • Ambition is essential to success, we choose to be creative & innovative than compromise on quality because of low resources.
  • Innovating to secure buy-in of service users, health providers and decision makers is key to unlocking change.
  • A little funding goes a long way in mental health, when compared to investments in other health and non-health development initiatives.
  • Outcomes of mental health investments are measurable at client, service, population & society level.

Our Values

The following values guide who we are as an organisation and represent the basis of how we interact with our beneficiaries, clients and partners:

Sustainable impact






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