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3 April 2023 We started field work for the evaluation of the mental health services delivered by sector 59G21 of EPSM Lille-Métropole!

Together with Prof Dr. Philippe Delespaul of Maastricht University, School for Mental Health & Neurosciences, we have now started the field work for this exciting research project, of this leading service provider organisation.

5 December 2023 We are starting our first field visit for the Tanzania Mental Health Project – Reaching Those in Need!

With the generous support of the Serra Foundation we have started the Preparatory Phase of the Project with a first visit to key implementation sites: Dodoma, Dar es Salaam, and the Norther Region of Tanzania! Very grateful to all those who helped us get here and prepare an excellent programme for our visit!

18 June 2022 INSIGHT International formally appointed by the Tanzanian Ministry of Health as its key international partner for the development & implementation of the new National Mental Health Strategy

MoU is to promote mental health and wellbeing of the Tanzanian population, as well as the recovery of people experiencing or at risk of experiencing mental health problems. The joint responsibilities assigned by the MOU focus on the following 3 areas of priority:
  1. The development of the Tanzanian National Strategy for Mental Health and the preparation of its Implementation Plan
  2. Delivering implementation of these policy documents once adopted by the Tanzanian MoH.
  3. Conducting monitoring and evaluation of the implementation.

24 October 2021–Our new article has been published in BMC Psychiatry

On experiences of healthcare staff providing community-based mental healthcare as a multidisciplinary community mental health team in 5 Central and Eastern European countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, North Macedonia, Romania and Montenegro).


11-12 October 2021 – INSIGHT International is excited to join the invitational WHO Mental Health Forum 2021

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Forum—Time to Act: transforming mental health systems, doing more and better—is a response to the urgent need to act in order to make mental health a core area of renewed investment during and beyond the pandemic.The 2021 Forum focuses on how we can create better opportunities and systems to respond to a growing demand for mental health services around the world. 

July 2021-Turkey project: Roll-out at national level has started!

30 Community Mental Health Teams from across Turkey are receiving face-to-face and online training provided by national TOTs and by INSIGHT International & GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord experts. Combining structured knowledge sharing sessions with hands on sessions, the training supports mental health teams to deliver care to people with severe mental health problems for a catchment area of about 12 million population.

April 2021 - INSIGHT International hosts consultations with the Romanian League for Mental Health for its International Research and Development Strategy

INSIGHT supports the Romanian League for Mental Health in its efforts to strengthen and enhance its international role and impact with the overall goal of contributing to the development of governmental policies in mental health and the development of community mental health services both in Romania and at international level.

8 -12 March 2021 - Assessment visit to Greece for the Joint Rapid Assessment of Greek Mental Health System

A mission was undertaken by a team of Greek national and WHO international experts,including INSIGHT International’s Dr Petrea,to collect information, meet with national authorities and interview a range of stakeholders. The rapid assessment combined a review of key policy and legal documents, key data related to the Greek mental health system, 29 face-to-face and online interviews with decision makers, mental health professionals, service users and carers organisations, health financing organisations, civil society and human rights organisation, managers of service provider organisations from the public, private non-for-profit and private for profit sectors.

27th of January 2021 - INSIGHT International facilitates dialogue on peer support work at the 10th EUCOMS meeting

EUCOMS are pleased to have held the 10th Network meeting on the 27th of January. Talking about peer support and the development of peer support on the global arena is important, and not something that is being done often enough.We hope our webinar can contribute to more collaboration and a broader understanding of the challenges and benefits of peer support workers.

28 September 2020 - Turkey project: TOT training has started!

Today the Consortium team has started the training of 21 Turkish train-the-trainers (TOTs). They will benefit from 15 days of training implemented over 3 modules of 5 days each, with the ultimate goal of being equipped with the skills, competencies and tools to train colleagues throughout the country during the national roll-out.

10 July 2020 - Turkey project kick-off

We are delighted to announce that the Consortium co-led by GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord and INSIGHT Internationalhas been engaged by the WHO Country Office in Turkey to deliver training of workforce in community mental health centres in Turkey in the framework of ‘Social Inclusion for People with Mental Disabilities in Turkey’ funded by EU & WHO. A kick-off Stakeholder Meeting for Planning of Community Mental Health Centres Training was held today, with a broad participation of national partners (mental health service providers, academics, government representatives, civil society representatives, etc). The meeting aimed:

  • to acquire information regarding the previous work undertaken in Turkey on this topic;
  • to learn from these past experiences what went well, and which areas or components where improvements are necessary;
  • to explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths of the community teams to inform the shape and content of the training to be carried out.

11 June 2020 - INSIGHT International addresses Covid-19 challenges for mental health care at the 9th EUCOMS Meeting

INSIGHT International’s Dr Petrea co-chaired the 9th Meeting of the European Community Based Mental Health Service Providers (EUCOMS) Network on Delivering Community Mental Health Care During Covid-19: Innovative Practices & Lessons Learned. The meeting cover 5 critical themes related to delivering community care during lockdown:

  • Digital learning & capacity building of mental health professional, with input from Netherlands, Moldova, Northern Ireland and feedback from WHO EURO.
  • Reaching out to those hard to engage, with input from Germany, France, Romania and feedback from European Assertive Outreach Foundation (EAOF).
  • Digital solutions in care and recovery activities, with input from Norway, Spain, Sweden and feedback from International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL).
  • Scaling up delivery of online psychotherapy with input from e-health specialists.
  • Inter-sectoral collaboration, with input from the European Forum for Primary Care and Mental Health Europe.

22 April 2020 - The European Community Mental Health Service Providers Network (EUCOMS) is now a registered foundation!

After 5 years of active engagement, 61 EUCOMS organisations based in 21 countries have now been recognised as a registered foundation – The European Community Mental Health Service providers network (EUCOMS). This gives EUCOMS a formal mandate to represent the European service provider organisations and significantly drive improvements in access to quality community mental health services. EUCOMS will continue to be steered by its Board of Directors, including INSIGHTInternational’s Dr Petrea.

11 February 2020 - The 8th EUCOMS just started!

INSIGHT International is attending today the 8th EUCOMS meeting on Pathways to Recovery in Pilsen, Czech Republic with participation of representatives of 32 mental health organisations from across Europe.

Hosted by the Ledovec Community Mental Health Service Provider Organisation, one of the pioneers of recovery in the country, the meeting focused on recovery in mental health, as well as on strengths and goals of service users.

Dr Petrea of INSIGHT International, also a EUCOMS Board Director, will lead the session on the network’s strategic developments, including the establishment of EUCOMS as a legal entity and the preparation of the next 4 years strategy.

3-10 January 2020 - INSIGHT International visits Tanzania!

The INSIGHT International, team visited Tanzania to prepare for the Tanzania Mental Health Project-Reaching Those in Need, a partnership with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health. Successful Meetings were held with government officials. including Dr Wonanji from the Tanzanian Ministry of Health, as well as with Dr Chigawe, representing the regional health authorities in the Northern Zone of the country. The team had the opportunity to conduct field visits spanning the entire chain of mental health services in the region. These included village-based dispensaries, health posts, local general hospitals and the regional hospital, as well as the university hospital in Moshi. INSIGHT International is most grateful for the warm hospitality provided by the government representatives and health workers, and is very much looking forward to commencing our working partnerships!!

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