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Training of Workforce in Community Mental Health Centres in Turkey in the framework of 'Social Inclusion for People with Mental Disabilities in Turkey' funded by EU & WHO

On behalf of WHO Turkey, a Consortium consisting of GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord and of INSIGHT International which is training and helping build the capacity of the workforce in community mental health centres in Turkey, and enable them to deliver high-quality, evidence-based and person-centred community services.

Key deliverables:

21 Turkish
15 days of training

200 Turkish Mental health professionals:
6 days of training

32 Turkish community mental health teams covering a population of 11,7M people

Tanzania Mental Health – Reaching Those in Need

The Tanzanian government together with multi-sectoral national and local stakeholders have been working in the recent years on catalysing resources to prioritise mental health and steer a system-wide transformation.

INSIGHT International has been formally appointed (Memorandum of Understanding, 2022) by the Tanzanian Ministry of Health as its key international partner for the development and implementation of the new National Mental Health Strategy.

We have initiated the project Tanzania Mental Health – Reaching Those in Need with the overall objective of the project is to deliver a mental health system transformation at national level that is grounded in the new Mental Health Strategy covering all the components of the health system.

Key focus areas:

Model of care
for mental health service provisions at national level & implementation

Training of health professionals providing care to people with mental health problems.

Mental health awareness & prevention programmes.

Anti-stigma programmes with community and governmental stakeholders engagement.

Driving research & dissemination of good practices in Romania

Romania project_kaleidico

Working with a team of leading national experts, INSIGHT International and the Romanian League for Mental Health have partnered to provide targeted capacity building for frontline mental health care professionals, as well as supporting improved models of care aimed at:

Raising awareness among vulnerable adult populations about riskfactords, signs and symptoms of mental disorders.

Increasing the mental health resilience of children form vulnerable and at risk groups

Improving access to care for peopel with mental health problems in remote areas or vulnerable groups

Evaluation of the mental health services delivered by the WHO Collaborating Centre Lille Metropole, France

Invited by the WHO Collaborating Centre, INSIGHT International has partnered with Maastricht University, School for Mental Health & Neurosciences to design and carry out a comprehensive evaluation of a leading mental health service based Sector 59G21 of EPSM LilleMétropole.

Evaluation has started in April 2023 and is expected to be completed by end of 2024.

The research seeks to:

Determine whether the model of care and interventios provided are based on evidence or documented good practices

Evaluate the functioning of the mental health services by examening implementation, mechanisms of impact and contextual factors

Assess the outcome delivered at client, service, population and society level

Determine whether this model of care could be scaled up in France, and if so, tlessons could be learned

Delivering advice & support to EUCOMS & its 60 members in 25 countries

Acting as advisor EUCOMS Board, its  ecretariat and members, we support them in the development and implementation of activities on scientific research, policy, practice and training, education and capacity building in community mental health care.

Support so far:

Co-hosted EUCOMS 9th Network meeting and the first online network event

Drafted and prepared EUCOMS 2021-2024 strategy

Facilitated working partnerships with leading international organisations and networks

Conduct on behalf of WHO Greece an assessment of the Greek mental health services

Greece project customized

As part of the WHO Mental Health Emergency exposed by COVID19, we have support the WHO Representative to Greece in the joint review by WHO and the Greek Government of the current state of mental health care services in the country and the development of recommended actions towards a community based, high quality, people-centered and integrated mental health system, with zero tolerance against any sort of human rights violation and stigma and leaving no one behind, and based on the lessons learned and the way forward due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.

Conducted assessment visits and interviews with key mental health professionals in Greece

Produced an assessment report with recommendations for further action to strengthen Greek mental health system

Presented findings to key stakeholders, report disseminated at WHO High Level Meeting on Mental Health, July 2021

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